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Let me introduce you to the Shroomz family: they`re cute, friendly and so adorable with those big eyes that you`d want to eat them.​
But beware, they`re poisonous so that`s why you have to kill them all by tapping and in this way you will earn points too. You will have 60 seconds to destroy them, so don`t waste time. ​
Still, you`ll be outnumbered so there will be some helpers for you:
- the first and most important, time: you will see a shroom with a time icon, catch it and then activate, that way you will have some extra time;
- freeze: same as for time, catch it, activate it and then your screen will (obviously) freeze;
- the bomb: catch it, activate it and that`s the best way to kill a bigger number of shrooms in one shot;
- last but not least, x2: for this one it`s enough just to catch it. It will not damage the shroomz but you deserve it, your score will be doubled.
There will be also an ally, a butterfly. It`s blue and it`s fast, if you catch it there will be a special round of 20 seconds where it will be your last chance to kill the mushrooms. The difference between the first round and this one is that there will be no tapping, just slicing, so pay attention.
The Shroomz also have a leader, you will see him only in the slicing round. All I can say it`s that he`s red and if you touch him it`s all over.
That`s all about it, I think you`re ready so prepare your fingers to battle and get out there!

No mushrooms were harmed in the making of this iOS game.

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